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'MD Notebook Cotton Blank'

'MD Notebook Cotton Blank'


Developed in 2013, Midori introduced the use of cotton paper for the MD Notebook Cotton L. The paper contains 20% cotton pulp. The cotton gives the paper a little texture, which accounts for durability and stability of the paper, which makes it excellent for pencil drawings and writing with a fountain pen.

These cotton MD paper pages are bound with the “Gakari” stitching method. The latter enabling the notebook to open entirely flat, regardless of the section of the notebook.


Measures 27,5 × 21 × 1cm Weights 454gCounts 176 MD Cotton pages Features a “Gakari” binding of 11 x 16 folded pages, wax paper cover, Kaga Silk bookmark, an index seal Made in Japan
€ 26,00(Incl. BTW)
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